Here are the rules for participating (and scoring) in the series:

a.) The events comprising the All Terrain Runner series are: indoor track, snowshoe, trail, outdoor track, mountain, cross country, and road. The trail, mountain and road events are USATF-NE championships. For outdoor track there will be a qualifying window in which runners will be able to compete in the specific distance for that given year and then submit their results. The following applies to the outdoor track event:

  • Event must be part of a USATF sanctioned track meet
  • It is the athlete’s responsibility to ensure that they are competing in a sanctioned race
  • It is the athlete’s responsibility to submit their own results
  • All results are subject to verification

For more information on the track event (or any of the other disciplines) please refer to their respective pages within this site.

b.) 100 points are awarded each to the top male and female finisher. The rest of the field will be assigned a score based off their percentage back from the winner.

c.) Only current USATF-NE members are eligible for the All Terrain Runner series individual scoring. Membership should be secured by the start of the race. Only active USATF-NE members will be reflected in the final standings. Cut-off for allowing people to attain membership have themselves counted in the standings after the series starts will be done at the organization’s discretion. It is recommended that participants get their membership status taken care of sooner rather than later to decrease the chances of their requests being denied.

d.) Runners score for the series based on their age as of their first race of the series. Runners aging into another division during the year will accrue points in the age category in which they began the series. This practice will be evaluated at the end of the 2016 Series.

e.) A competitor’s best five FOUR events will be counted in the series final standings. This allows people to miss up to two events and still technically have a shot at winning. It also allows runners to potentially write-off a sub-par performance. NOTE: It was adjusted to best 4 of 6 after the snowshoe event in 2016 was cancelled. We felt it was only fair to still allow up to 2 missed events out of what was available to everyone.

f.) There will be a total of $5,000 available in awards. The prize structure, awarding monetary rewards to the top five male and female finishers (based on most cumulative points from all five events), is as follows:

First – $1,000
Second – $500
Third – $250
Fourth – $100
Fifth – $50

Cash prizes will also be awarded to age group winners (again, based on most cumulative points from all five events) in the following age divisions: Open, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69 and 70+. All awards will be presented after the conclusion of the series.

g.) Participants who complete at least 6 of the 7 5 of the 6 events will receive a special series t-shirt. NOTEIt was adjusted to 5 of 6 after the snowshoe event in 2016 was cancelled. We felt it was only fair to still allow one missed event out of what was available to everyone.

h.) Please remember that all indoor/outdoor track performances for the All-Terrain Runner (ATR) series must be emailed (, notes on Facebook and elsewhere will be ignored. Please include a link to the result along with your 2016 USATF membership number.

i.) Regarding the submission of track times, participants will need to make sure to get them in on time to have them count. For 2016, all eligible 3,000m indoor track times must be submitted by no later than February 28th. All 10,000m outdoor track times will need to be submitted within one week of that qualifying window closing (exact date TBD).

All of this will be reevaluated after the 2016 series concludes and changes may be put in place for the 2017 series.