Indoor Track

2015 GBTC Invitational mile Mason

Open Submission – 3,000m

The indoor event for this year is the 3,000m. In 2015, we opted for a single meet. In 2016 we have opened up the event to any USATF sanctioned meet within the qualifying window.

When: Open until February 21st, 2016 ***NOW CLOSED***

Final Indoor Track Standings!!!

Pat Fullerton (8:43.17) and Liz Ryan (10:09.88) emerged from the fierce competition on the indoor track this winter as the winners of the first portion of the series. They are now in great position for an overall series win with that solid 100 points sitting in their back pocket.

In total, 33 men and 14 women threw their respective hats in the ATR ring. For some of them it may have been their first time competing indoors, others it was a first in a very long time, while some are still getting a feel for it. Point is, it brought excitement to the track and we can’t wait to see how people fare over the course of the rest of the series!

For some insight into the last big push for standings points, check out this recap from the USATF-NE Indoor Championships:

USATF-NE Championships: The Epic ATR Last Chance Meet

**NOTE: Please remember that all indoor/outdoor track performances for the All-Terrain Runner (ATR) series must be emailed (, notes on Facebook and elsewhere will be ignored. Please include a link to the result along with your 2016 USATF membership number.

Regarding the submission of track times, we have instituted a deadline for the 2016 series. For 2016, all eligible 3,000m indoor track times must be submitted by no later than February 28th for those times to count in the series. This is necessary because in the off chance that someone holds onto their time until the fall, well that just isn’t fair to the other runners and it doesn’t actually promote competition (which is kind of the point of all this).

Also, that tactic doesn’t help the Series at all. Being a relatively new series (and idea) still, we need to show that our numbers are strong and the best way to do that is with robust numbers showing up in our standings.


ATR 2015 (Mile) Men’s Open

Name Team Time Score ATR Score
Dan Lowry Boston Athletic Association 4:03:76 100.00 100.00
Julian Saad Boston Athletic Association 4:07:27 98.58 98.58
Kevin Cooper New Balance Boston 4:07.27 98.58 98.58
James Leakos Boston Athletic Association 4:07:79 98.37 98.37
Viraj Deokar 4:19.21 94.04 94.04
Chris Kibler Greater Boston Track Club 4:20.82 93.46 93.46
Daniel Lewis  Greater Boston Track Club  4:27.67 91.07 91.07
Adam Pacheck  Greater Boston Track Club  4:29.09 90.59 90.59
Christian Blondin  Greater Boston Track Club  4:29.42 90.48 90.48
Xhulio Uruci  Greater Boston Track Club  4:30.67 90.06 90.06

ATR 2015 Men’s 40-49

Name Team Time Score ATR Score
Christian Blondin Greater Boston Track Club 4:29.42 100.00 100.00
Alan Bernier Central Mass Striders 4:41.81 95.60 95.60
Titus Mutinda  Greater Boston Track Club 4:46.21 94.13 94.13
Ethan Nadeau acidotic RACING 4:47.12 93.84 93.84
Sean Nyhan 4:48.75 93.31 93.31

ATR 2015 Men’s 50-59

Name Team Time Score ATR Score
Rob Edson 4:47:84 100.00 100.00
Paul Hammond Whirlaway Racing Team 5:16:31 91.00 91.00
Dan Verrington Central Mass Striders 5:21:16 89.63 89.63
William Newsham Greater Boston Track Club 5:26:25 88.23 88.23
David Lapierre Central Mass Striders 5:55.72 80.92 80.92

ATR 2015 Men’s 60-69

Name Team Time Score ATR Score
Wayne Dwyer Mass Velocity Track Club 5:57:53 100.00 100.00
Robert Bowser Mass Velocity Track Club 6:11.87 96.14 96.14
Tom Derderian Greater Boston Track Club 6:34.34 90.67 90.67

ATR 2015 Men’s 70+

Name Team Time Score ATR Score
Richard Paulsen New England 65+ 7:12:83 100.00 100.00

ATR 2015 Women’s Open

Name Team Time Score ATR Score
Sydney Fitzpatrick New Balance Boston 4:55.75 100.00 100.00
Aly Millett Greater Boston Track Club 4:58.24 99.17 99.17
Caitlin Fahey New Balance Boston 5:02.31 97.83 97.83
Kasie Enman Green Mountain Athletic Assoc. 5:04.91 97.00 97.00
Aislinn Devlin 5:05.27 96.88 96.88
Brittany Colford  New Balance Boston 5:21.86 91.89 91.89
Amanda Wright 5:25.39 90.89 90.89
Abby Barker New Balance Boston 5:33.38 88.71 88.71
Christin Doneski Whirlaway Racing Team 5:34.73 88.35 88.35
Jennifer Rapaport  Somerville Road Runners 5:46.71 85.30 85.30

ATR 2015 Women’s 40-49

Name Team Time Score ATR Score
Christin Doneski Whirlaway Racing Team 5:34.73 100.00 100.00
Julie Craig 5:48.84 95.96 95.96
Kate Queeney Western Mass Distance Project 6:14.53 89.37 89.37

ATR 2015 Women’s 50-59

Name Team Time Score ATR Score
Jennifer Rapaport Somerville Road Runners 5:46.71 100.00 100.00
Alda Cossi Liberty Athletic Club 6:35.14 87.74 87.74
Karen Lein Liberty Athletic Club 7:51.63 73.51 73.51

ATR 2015 Women’s 60-69

Name Team Time Score ATR Score
Elizabeth Cooney Somerville Road Runners 6:18.99 100.00 100.00
Diane Levesque 8:51.50 71.31 71.31

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