2015 Full Series Dates

**UPDATE 4/1/15: Here’s the final 2015 ATR schedule (including final outdoor track event and date for the Merrimack River Trail Race):

1/25: Indoor mile at the GBTC Invitational

3/7: NH & Northeast Snowshoe Championships

5/9: Merrimack River Trail Race (10 mi)

4/12 – 6/30 (or date of USATF-NE champs): Window for submitting outdoor track 5000m times

7/5: Loon Mt

8/22: NH XC Festival

9/6: Season 20k Road Race

Remember, your best 5 of 7 races will score so you can theoretically miss two and still be in the hunt.

Website to be updated soon with 2015 schedule, rules, scoring and prizes very soon. Now it’s out there. Set your calendars and then get after it in training. See you at Harvard on 1/25!


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