Mark Your Calendars

You’ve probably already seen our sweet new poster by now. It’s worth looking at again. It’s a Scott Mason work on a Scott Mason photo. Basically it’s a Scott Mason original. He’s pretty quick on the shutter, but maybe you can prove to be a more elusive target than even these guys were. Ready to get on the track and prove yourself? The first leg of the 2015 ATR Series is January 25th at the GBTC Invitational Indoor Track Meet. The event to be contested: the mile.

ATR 2015 Indoor poster

And keep an eye out for our complete 2015 schedule. Now that the 2015 Grand Prix series slate has been finalized, we can figure out the ATR series. In case you haven’t seen, here’s the Grand Prix road race series slate:

Feb 22, Five College Realtors 10 miler, Amherst, MA
Mar 15, New Bedford Half Marathon, New Bedford, MA
May 24, People’s United Bank Vermont City Marathon, Burlington, VT
Jun 11, Hollis Fast 5km, Hollis, NH
Aug 9, Bobby Doyle 5 mile, Narragansett, RI
Sep 6, Seasons 20 km, Acton, MA
Sep 20, Lone Gull 10 km, Gloucester, MA


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