The New ATR

The first ever USATF-NE All Terrain Runner Series just recently ended, so what better time than to start announcing the details on the 2015 edition? As some of you may have seen, the series will be expanding next year to also include indoor track and a snowshoe race.

Kicking off 2015, the event will be the mile on the indoor track at the GBTC Invitational on January 25, 2015. There won’t be an open window in which to seek out races like we did for the outdoor track event in 2014. For more information on the event check out the GBTC website.

Next up will be the snowshoe race event. For this new addition we chose the NH & Northeast Championships in Moultonborough, NH on March 7, 2015. This race is part of the Granite State Snowshoe Series and more info can be found on their website. Snowshoe racing is being added as a showcase event and its success here will determine its future inclusion in the series.

The addition of the two new events brings the series total to 7. A big change for 2015 is that only your best 5 scores will count towards your final score. That means you can miss up to two events without potentially suffering in the standings and the chase for the cash.

2015 Slate

1/25/15 – GBTC Invitational – mile
3/7/15 – NH & Northeast Snowshoe Championships
Trail – TBD
Mountain – TBD
Outdoor Track – TBD
Road – TBD
Cross Country – TBD

As you can see there’s a lot up in the air still. We’ll announce more dates as the various USATF-NE series solidify their 2015 schedules. The road Grand Prix series should be set fairly soon and things will fall quickly into place after that.

Rules will be updated to reflect the new 2015 series shortly.

Before we move on to 2015 we still need to properly recognize our winner from 2014. Here’s a quick presentation made at Doyle’s after the USATF-NE XC Championships on 11/9/14:

Finally, here are our overall and age group winners (and their prizes):


Nate Jenkins – 1st overall – $1,000
Alex Hall – 2nd overall – $500
Todd Callaghan – 3rd overall – $250
Dave Dunham – 4th overall – $100
Eric Narcisi – 5th overall – $50


Christin Doneski – 1st overall – $1,000
Ashley Krause – 2nd overall – $500
Jacqueline Shakar – 3rd overall – $250
Emer O’Donoghue – 4th overall – $100
Diane Levesque – 5th overall – $50

Age Group

Todd Callaghan – 40-49 winner – $250
Christin Doneski – 40-49 winner – $250
Dave Dunham – 50-59 winner – $100
Jacqueline Shakar – 50-59 winner – $100
Brian Gallagher – 60-69 winner – $100
Diane Levesque – 60-69 winner – $100
Richard Paulsen – 70+ winner – $100

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