Who’s the best All Terrain Runner?

With this new USATF-NE series, we hope to answer that question. We might even be starting the discussion, but that’s okay. The USATF-NE offers great, competitive series in various disciplines related to long distance running.

In this saturated racing market, it seems like people are going out of their way to find a new challenge. Mud runs, obstacle course races, color runs…you name it, it’s popping up and gaining in popularity. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But why go chasing fads when that challenge you’ve been looking for has been right there the whole time? For example, if you’re really craving a muddy obstacle race, then look no further than Sleepy Hollow. Just think of mountains as nature’s original obstacle, plus the shin-deep mud in early-May Vermont will give you the sloppy fix you’ve been craving.

If that weren’t tempting enough, then consider that you can register for every race in this all-encompassing, challenging series for less than the cost of just one of those obstacle course races out there.

It’s time to get the road warriors out to the mountains. Let’s see how the harriers fare on the track. Instead of listing out all of the cross-over combo possibilities here, we’ll just say that we look forward to seeing runners of the region crossing over into new territory and testing their limits perhaps in a way they never have before.

Take a few minutes to roam the site to learn a little more about this new series. Scroll down to read the latest series-related news.


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